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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you? How long have you been in business? has been online since 1998. Originally founded as a private website for seller computer and electronics. In 2002 the website was converted to a public auction site where everyone can list and sell their goods. Our community of users is constantly growing and since our website is completely free why not give us a try? If you have any questions please contact us.


How much does it cost to buy or sell on is a completely FREE website. For buyers there are never any fees and for sellers there are some optional fees for "attention getters" such as bold listings, colored listings, featured listings, etc. These fees are very low ($0.05 - $1.00) and optional. There are never any commission fees, regardless of the selling price of your item(s)!


Why do I have to provide my credit card information when I register as a seller?

We do this for two major reasons:

  • To ensure that we have valid sellers listing on we match the address entered with the billing address of the credit card;
  • If the seller does choose to use our optional "attention getters" we charge the credit card monthly for the amounts owed. An email is sent to each seller to let them know when a charge was made.

Our site is secured using SSL encryption to ensure that any credit card information you enter is transmitted securely.


How do I know if your sellers are reliable?

We work hard to make sure that all sellers on are valid and reliable. Although is not responsible for transactions between buyers and sellers, we do offer some tips for buying from our site:

  • Always check feedback for sellers, if there is a negative feedback please suspicious, maybe contact the seller first before sending any money
  • Never send money through Western Union, this is a classic way for fake sellers to try to get your money
  • Always use payment options that allow you to dispute the transaction, for example
  • For large transactions ask that you use an escrow service, for example


What if I'm a fake seller trying to make a few bucks?

At, we seek to provide a safe and secure environment for person-to-person trade over the Internet. reports cases of criminal fraud and co-operates fully with law enforcement agencies in their investigation and prosecution.

If you provide false or stolen credit card information during this registration process, you will be subject to criminal prosecution under Federal and State Statutes. The penalties defined by these statutes for fraudulent use of credit card accounts include; a fine under these statutes or twice the value obtained by the offense, whichever is greater, or imprisonment for not more than ten years, or both. All IP addresses are recorded in our fraud registration system, and all information given is verified from the credit card companies.

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