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Old Two Dollar Bill 1/2 Dollar Gold Dollar and a Susan B Eagle Dollar Set of 4 more detaided info below......... Collectors Dream, * Rare Set of 4 * a Real USA (Two dollar bill,) Features the Signing of The Declaration Of Independence in 1776 Today, they are rarely seen in circulation, and as a result, the production of the note is the lowest of all U.S. paper money printed. Under 1% of all notes ever produced are $2 bills. This comparative scarcity in circulation, coupled with a lack of public awareness that the bill is so collectable. The rarity of a $2 bill can be attributed to its low printing numbers that sharply dropped beginning in the late 1950's . ((((((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))))) US. MINT (Gold Dollar) James A Garfield, 20 th President in 1881, NEVER TOUCHED BY HAND ! ! ! (Susan B. Anthony Eagle Dollar) over 30 years old, United States coin minted in 1979 , 80 , and 81, the coin design was intended to honor Susan B. Anthony, a pioneer in women's rights. The reverse depicts an eagle flying above the moon (with the Earth in the background), a design adapted from the Apollo 11 mission insignia that was also present on the previously issued Eisenhower Dollar. It was one of the smallest dollar coins ever made in American history. The Susan B. Anthony Dollar was designed by the Chief Sculptor-Engraver of the US Mint, Frank Gasparro (who also designed the Lincoln Memorial reverse of the Lincoln Cent (1959 thru 2008); the reverse of the Kennedy Half Dollar; and the Eisenhower Dollar coin. In fact, the reverse of the Susan B. Anthony dollar is a copy of the reverse of the Eisenhower Dollar (borrowed from the insignia of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing mission). This rare coin was minted for only a few short years. They have always been in high demand from collectors . and a (Half Dollar) It's In really good condition , over 20 years old. date + mint mark may vary. THE JAMES A GARFIELD GOLD DOLLAR COIN IS FROM THE PHILADELPHIA MINT 2011 JAMES A. GARFIELD (P) 20 th IN THE COLLECTOR SERIES FROM A Sealed ROLL NEVER BEEN CIRCULATED On February 15, 2007, the United States Mint released the new George Washington $1 coin, the first in a series of $1 coins honoring former United States Presidents. Modeled after the United States Mint's successful 50 State Quarters Program, the Presidential $1 Coin Program will feature systematically rotating designs of former United States Presidents. The George Washington $1 coin marks the first of four Presidential $1 Coins to be released in 2007, with John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to roll out later in 2007.This coin, the 20 th in the Presidential $1 Coin Collector sets and the fourth issued in 2011, honors President James A. Garfield. Try to not touch the Mint Gold Dollar, & it will never loose it's brilliant shine. Oils on your skin will make coins not look new if you hold them. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) BELOW is more details on 1/2 Dollars , no other info about this sale . The Kennedy Half Dollar was introduced in 1964, prematurely putting an end to the prior Franklin Half series. The coin was created as a way to memorialize President John F. Kennedy who had been assassinated in the prior year. The series was immediately popular with the public, and remains popular with coin collectors today. The obverse of the coin was designed by Gilroy Roberts based on existing models used for Kennedy's Presidential Medal. It features Kennedy facing left, with "Liberty" above, the date below, and "In God We Trust" split by the truncation of the neck. The reverse features the Presidential Seal, as designed by Frank Gasparro. A heraldic eagle is surrounded by fifty stars with "United States of America" above and "Half Dollar" below. The Kennedy Half Dollar was minted for circulation each year from 1964 to 2001, except for the years 1970 and 1987 when coins were only produced for inclusion in the annual Mint Sets. From 2002 to present, circulation strike Kennedy Halves have been produced in limited quantities not issued for circulation, but made available to collectors through numismatic bags and rolls. The lowest mintage issues are the 2008-P and 2008-D circulation strike coins, with 1.7 million produced for each. Kennedy Half Dollars underwent a number of compositional changes during the course of the series. The first coins issued in 1964 were struck in 90% silver, as were the quarter dollars and dimes struck for that year. In 1965 the silver content was completely removed from the quarter and dime, but reduced to 40% for the half dollar. This 40% silver composition was used for Kennedy Halves struck from 1965 to 1970. Starting in 1971, Kennedy Halves were struck in the copper nickel clad composition that had been previously implemented for the quarter and dime. In subsequent years, there were Kennedy Half Dollars minted with silver content, but these were for special collector sets. The first instance was the 1976-S Uncirculated and Proof Kennedy Half Dollars struck in 40% silver for inclusion in 3 coin Bicentennial Coin Sets. Starting in 1992, the US Mint began issuing a Silver Proof Set. These sets contained the quarter, dime, and half dollar struck in 90% silver. When the Robert F. Kennedy Commemorative Silver Dollar was released in 1998, the US Mint produced a special 1998-S matte proof Kennedy Half Dollar struck in 90% silver for inclusion in a Kennedy Collector's Set. Coin Specifications Dates: 1964 - present Mint: Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco (proof only) Weight: 12.50 g (1964, 1992-present silver proof), 11.50 g (1965-1970), 11.34 grams (1971-present) Composition: 90% silver, 10% copper (1964, 1992-present silver proof) 40% silver, 60% copper (1965-1970), Diameter: 30.6 mm Edge: Reeded


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