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CITIZEN PEROT by Gerald Posner (1996) HIS LIFE & TIMES BOOK HARD COVER DUST COVER.Ross Perot, for all that has been said and written about him, remains something of an enigma. The images presented of his life are often in conflict. Is he a heroic businessman who risked his life to rescue two of his kidnapped workers from revolutionary Iran, or a callous executive who ran roughshod over his employees and investigated the companys senior officers? A brilliant strategist who built a multibillion-dollar empire with an innovative idea in computers, or someone cunning enough to take advantage of government programs and milk an unfair profit? A superpatriot who underwrote his own missions to Southeast Asia to help the plight of the POWs and MIAs, or a secretive billionaire who was engrossed in far-flung conspiracy theories about the CIA and the international narcotics trade?The result of two years of meticulous research, and based on hundreds of new interviews and documents Citizen CITIZEN PEROT by Gerald Posner (1996) HIS LIFE & TIMES BOOK. CONDITION GOOD DUST COVER HARD COVER. Perot strips away the mythology and unmasks the real Ross Perot for the first time. This groundbreaking book discloses the inside story of how Perot made his fortune; uncovers the tremendous influence he wielded with different presidents; presents the complete saga of his rescue mission from Iran; exposes the private wars he waged against government officials and business competitors he considered corrupt; explains the secret battles that created animosity with George Bush; and, finally, reveals what was behind Perots unusual charges of Republican dirty tricks in the 1992 campaign.At the heart of this investigation is Perot himself. Based in part on Perots own unprecedented cooperation with author Gerald Posner, this book narrates a life that is rich in detail and unique for what it has attempted and accomplished. Studying Perot from his childhood to his current effort to create a third political party, Posner delivers an exhaustive inspection that cuts through years of misinformation and distortions to lay bare Perot's accumulation and use of power. In the process, it answers the perplexing question of what motivates Perot. It also shows whether he has the temperament and personality to be an effective president. Citizen Perot is an absorbing examination of a man who has become an American icon. Industry reviews "Perot is a man whose successes and failures are the stuff of legend. And Posner carefully tries to separate fact from myth in a crisply written book that flow effortlessly from anecdote to anecdote while never straying far from its central focus on Perot's complex character....His interviews about Perot's daring Iran mission...add significantly to the historical record." Business Week - Richard S. Dunham (08/26/1996) "In sharp contrast with his last book, on the JFK assassination, Posner eschews grand interpretation, confining himself to stitching together a lavish quilt of tales...But the portrait condemns through the sheer accumulation of unpleasant detail....'Citizen Perot' has all the virtues of a good campaign book--immediacy, sound reporting based on extensive interviews, and access to its subject." Washington Post Book World - ] Michael Kazin (08/18/1996) "Brisk, readable....Anybody who is thinking of voting for the charismatic Texas billionaire ought to read 'Citizen Perot'." Griffin


Auction 244073 -  CITIZEN PEROT by Gerald Posner (1996) HIS LIFE & TIMES BOOK


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